2014 Winners

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Best Association Conference

WINNER: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE Annual Conference

What the judges said: "Extensive research and innovative approaches to sponsorship, programme creation, and delegate engagement led to a very successful conference. Growth was achieved despite challenging circumstances. A very professionally run and impressive conference which highlighted the organisers expertise."

MARK OF EXCELLENCE: Association of Corporate Treasurers - ACT Annual Conference 2013


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Best Publication Led Event

WINNER: Last Word Media - Expert Investor Europe Pan European Congress

What the judges said: "This was a great collaboration between event team & brand. With an amazingly short cycle they demonstrated a clear vision and great execution. This was a strong entry, which really made you understand what they were trying to achieve."


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Best Managed Event

WINNER: BrandFuel - Zeitgeist

What the judges said: "This event had the demanding task of delivering five separate events in one, whilst always striving to be ahead of the time. The fact that Brandfuel have retained Google as a client for so many years speaks volumes."


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Best Awards Event

WINNER: EMAP - Construction News Awards 2013

What the judges said: "This was a very well put together entry with well outlined objectives and good documentary evidence of meeting and exceeding the objectives. What really comes across is the in-depth knowledge of what suits the market these awards serve."


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Best Small Conference Venue
(up to 350 theatre style)

WINNER: Cavendish Conference Centre

What the judges said: "Retention on existing business was fantastic. They clearly value their own staff with good retention and offer flexible working. They put high value on customer feedback and encourage this with donations to a charity of the customer’s choice."


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Best Mid-Sized Conference Venue
(between 350 - 500)

WINNER: Business Design Centre

What the judges said: "The Business Design Centre certainly listens to their clients and tries to adapt the venue to their needs and attracts impressive customer retention stats and customer service ratings . They really understand the importance of soliciting and acting upon customer feedback. Their concept seems to work as is shown in the retention rate as well as new client events."


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Best Large Conference Venue (over 500)

WINNER: Manchester Central

What the judges said: "Manchester Central stands out for being innovative. For example they create impressions before delegates arrive at the venue by working with local transport. Their approach to sustainability is impressive and does not end inside their own walls."


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Best Conference Series

WINNER: ICBI - SuperReturn Global Series

What the judges said: "This has become a must attend, global event with vast commercial success. It showed good innovation across marketing, sponsorship and production as well as great research levels and speaker line-ups."

MARK OF EXCELLENCE: Forgather - eCommerce Futures


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Best Operations Team

WINNER: IWSC Group - Operations Team

What the judges said: "With a team of 5 people managing 8,000 entries this was a real organisational and planning challenge. It is clear that there is passion and commitment in this team and that this is a key component to their business in achieving success in their chosen awards area."

MARK OF EXCELLENCE: George P. Johnson - Operations Team


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Best Conference Content Team

WINNER: Incisive Media - Conference Content Production Team - London

What the judges said: "This was a very strong entry – they have a huge team, delivering a large number of diverse events with spectacular success. The entry showed great examples of creative content delivery."


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Best Marketing Team

WINNER: Terrapinn - Global Marketing Team

What the judges said: "Terrapin implemented a well thought out strategy and approach from initial recruitment of staff through to end result. They have understood the importance of good data and customer engagement and aligned their whole strategy around these crucial elements to achieve impressive results."


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Best Conference Supplier

WINNER: Eventbrite

What the judges said: "Since their start up in 2006 their growth to a global company running 2.9 million events is admirable, they obviously have a very good service. Offering support 24/7 is also impressive."


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Best Conference Venue Customer Service - London

WINNER: Olympia Conference Centre

What the judges said: "The judges were impressed with Olympia’s customer satisfaction levels which remain consistently high in all areas. They seem to have a great conference team who interact well with their clients and offer that personal service which we all want for our events!"


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Best Conference Venue Customer Service - Outside London

WINNER: Farncombe Conference Centre

What the judges said: "With a very long client list and a lively set of examples of services and products this entry stood out through it’s highly innovative projects. They also showed good HR and training policies and are clearly taking their staff with them on an exiting journey."


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Best Large Scale Event or Congress

WINNER: i2i Events Group - World Retail Congress

What the judges said: "Representing every facet of the retail ecosystem, this event was acclaimed a resounding success by delegates, sponsors and global media. With excellent industry engagement and fantastic speakers – this was a positive beacon for an industry that has had a tough time of late."

MARK OF EXCELLENCE: Adam Smith Conferences - Russian Automotive Forum


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Best New Product Launch

WINNER: Wilmington Group - SJ Live

What the judges said: "The team did an excellent job of turning increasingly difficult market conditions across the legal profession into an opportunity to add value for their client base. An excellent entry event with strong innovation and thorough research which showed through in a great year one event."

MARK OF EXCELLENCE: Elsevier - The 1st International Conference on Global Food Security


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Best New Geographical Launch

WINNER: Capacity Media - Myanmar Connect 2013

What the judges said: "This was a well executed event for such a new location, they overcame many obstacles to deliver an effective and successful conference which was clearly very well received."

MARK OF EXCELLENCE: The Economist Events - The Lisbon Summit


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Best Development of an Existing Conference UK

WINNER: Haymarket Business Media - Media360

What the judges said: "The judges felt that their clear strategic objectives – "grow, develop, innovate", come through in their submission across all areas with outstanding results. This was the most profitable Media360 event to date despite a significant increase in competition in the market."


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Best Development of an Existing Conference Overseas

WINNER: Gartner UK - IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit

What the judges said: "A very robust performance showing good delegate growth. Research, content, bespoke sponsor packages and a good marketing campaign made this an event of substance with thoughtful, driven and intelligent development."

Mark of Excellence: LinkedIn - Talent Connect